Safari & Sea


Step out of your comfort zone, think out of the box and discover aspects of yourself you didn’t even know existed!

The raw wilderness that is Africa will ignite powerful, impactful shifts in the way you see and experience yourself and the world.

Once experienced, I promise you will never be the same again!

Tarangau Safari & Sea adventures gifts you with the freedom to step out of the white noise and disruption, to discern the truth and be the biggest most brilliant expression of you, both personally and professionally.

The power of these natural wonderlands is the perfect environment to shift perceptions and ignite new levels of innovation and creativity.

Your Safari & Sea adventure is personally designed for you throughout exotic and wild destinations in Africa. This is an environment that simply cannot be replicated in the regularity of your life at home.

This is the ultimate experience with Michelle, whether you are ready to up-level the scope of your sense of being, business and life individually, with a group of friends or a Corporate Team.

All you have to do is reach out and connect, choose your travel dates, and your unforgettable bespoke Safari and Sea Adventure will be designed for you.


Disconnect you from the world, and powerfully reconnect with yourself and what is really important to you.

Your journey will begin at the beautiful Tarangau Retreat, Tarangau meaning ‘The path to enlightenment’. Set amongst 4.5 acres of beautiful trees and gardens, just a short stroll away from the soft white sands of Kilifi’s beautiful Bofa Beach, and is an idyllic fully serviced sanctuary to hit reset, refocus, refresh, revitalise and simply breathe in the tranquillity.

Not just a health retreat but the ultimate 1:1 coaching experience that will see you break habits, eliminate the superfluous, go beyond your perception and refocus on what is really important to you at this moment in your life.

‘When who you are, what you want to create and what wants to be created through you are in resonance, as in physics a spark ignites and creative acceleration occurs.’

- Michelle.

You will learn techniques to support you to minimise stress, enhance your quality of sleep, focus and accelerate your creativity and go beyond anything you will experience elsewhere.

Enriching your mind body and soul with nourishing food, revitalising juices, massage, reflexology, meditation, beach walks and daily 1:1 coaching consultation with Michelle. Our bespoke programme takes a fresh approach combining proven methods and modalities to create a unique fusion of Ancient Vedic Sciences, Mindfulness, Energy Psychology and Neuro Plasticity Practices to support you break through old paradigms to achieve breakthrough results and fly higher.

With your heart wide open and your body renewed the raw untethered land that is Africa awaits you as you venture off on Safari with Michelle to integrate, develop and deepen your exploration not only of Africa but yourself, your goals and that which you seek to create the more of...


Michelle leverages her knowledge of Africa to design an exclusive Safari that will quake your current reality,
ignite new seeing and deepen your understanding of how you see and experience yourself and the world.

Whether you wish to Camel Trek through the unspoilt lands of Northern Samburu, visit the natural wonderland that is the Masai Mara or Zambia’s lower Zambezi, Mountain climb to see the Gorillas in Rwanda or visit the monolithic cave churches in Ethiopia there is a Safari experience that is perfect for you.

Our truly unique Sea and Safari experience is the ultimate adventure of not only Africa but yourself! And there is one more thing that is close to my heart that I’d love to share with you, and that’s the fact that the spaces we visit are home to some of our most vulnerable and endangered species and environments.

The longevity and often survival of these natural wonderlands and beautiful creatures relies on tourism. Through your connection to these magical lands — and by sharing your stories globally and contributing to tourism — we contribute to the ongoing employment and livelihoods of local people and the care and safety of aspects of our planet that are truly precious.


Move beyond your current reality and discover aspects of your potential you didn’t even know existed. Redefine what it means to be you, pause, reflect and reconnect with who you are now and what’s really important to you in your next evolution.

Yes I'm ready!


Design the African experience of a lifetime for your team.

If you are looking for a life changing Retreat or Safari for your organisation or team, let’s connect and design a unique experience that will awe, ignite and inspire.

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