Family Safari

June 18TH TO 28TH 2019




Familial connections are the most powerful on earth. Yet aspects of our beliefs, lineage, culture & environment can see us disconnecting from that
which we cherish most.

Igniting soulful parenting is hugely powerful and sees your family being united by forces stronger than any earthly conditions.

And that’s the invitation here.

To expand new levels of ever deepening soulful love and connection!


This is a time like no other in known history, where we are being called upon to expand beyond the linear paradigms we have been living in, our limitations of the past and our lineage, and be leaders in consciousness in our families and our world.

There is a beautiful invisible script that is the story of your family’s soul journey, the unseen reasons you have chosen to travel this life with each other. The contracted roles you have chosen to play out, so your souls can evolve and expand.


The one thing we would all love, is for our children to know they are loved and to love themselves fully.

Children do what we do, not what we say!

You are being invited to break new ground and be the biggest, most brilliant expression of crazy, wild self-love, so your children can do the same.


- with Phoebe in the Masai Mara

There are times when I have been ‘doing intensive work’ on myself, and simultaneously that which I’ve been working on has been playing out in my daughters’ lives.

Literally transforming their relationship with themselves whilst I have been doing inner work.

It was profound and amazed me. The evidence that when I change, it effects my children was right there before my eyes’. Michelle

The Opportunity

There is an opportunity present to lead as parents, through being the true embodiment of unconditional love, acceptance & compassion.

Our children teach us, as much as we teach them. They reflect our fears and limitations, push our buttons, inspire and often move us beyond that which keeps us stuck, so we can ‘Be the most brilliant expression of ourselves – A Living Legacy.’


You will dive into the truth of your relationship with yourself and your relationship to yourself as a parent.

Unpacking the false expectations you live by, resetting your connection to yourself, revealing a soul connection that is here to be expressed.


Cellular Biology Professor Dr Bruce Lipton says ‘When you change your perception, belief and environment, you change your DNA.’

The powerful wonderland that is D.R.C. provides the perfect catalyst to do just that, to invoke change, to break new ground and connect you to the unwritten script that is your soul journey.

To free you from inherited woes of the past and create a new biology.


Healing equates to a return to wholeness. Which is achieved utilizing a unique fusion of spiritual philosophy, energy psychology & emotional healing techniques, allowing you to clear limiting beliefs and return to your ultimate state of being – LOVE.

The philosophy is to live, train, and coach you to create resonance between who you are, what you would love to create and what wants to be created through you, as is in physics, a spark ignites, creative acceleration occurs and intentions are realized.


Your children will travel a parallel journey of self-discovery, both with us and supported by Festus, our very own Kenyan teacher.

Festus facilitates the ‘Being Me’ program which I developed for Kipchamgaa Children’s Home.

As we connect not only with the landscape and animals, the children will also have fun with their very own ‘BEing ME’ Program.


  • Creatively explore 'BEing ME'
  • Learn basic Swahili
  • Attend a Masai School where they will have the opportunity to share who they are and their cultures.
  • Experience the contrast & connection through meeting the children of Kipchamgaa Children’s Home.
  • Master their inner warrior, learn to track animals and read the land on their very own game drive with Sammi and Jackson.
  • And a few little surprises thrown in!


Expect the unexpected! There are no words to describe what happens on Safari, each journey differs from the rest.

The space is created to allow an invisible script to show up, one that has to be experienced, it cannot be perceived by the mind.

There is a beautiful expansion available to you, a profound connection that ignites joy, freedom and love.

When you simply say ‘yes’.


Your SOULpreneur Family Safari starts with an evening of welcome and celebration at the historic Muthaiga Country Club featured in the film ‘Out of Africa’.

Your journey will not be of ‘the tourist’ safari, but one designed to give you an experience of Kenya like no other.

Your road trip begins, taking you through the varying landscapes of Kenya, starting with the Great Rift Valley.

A continuous geographic trench, approximately 6,000 kilometres (3,700 mi) in length that runs from Lebanon's Beqaa Valley in Asia to Mozambique in South Eastern Africa.


We venture towards the lush green hills of Kericho. Here we have the exclusive opportunity to visit Finlay’s beautiful 30,000 acre Estate, and breathe in the magic of such a lush and green climate cultivated in an annual rainfall of 2200mm a year, this will be a truly authentic and unique Kenyan experience seeing a part of Kenya not many people get to experience.

Meeting the little people at Kipchamgaa Children’s Home, igniting connection, sharing your light and magic will be on the agenda!

Kipchamgaa provides a loving home and education for 51 children who were neglected, abused, exploited, traumatised, discriminated against or abandoned.


This 4 days is full of surprises and unique experiences to nurture your soul and feed your heart, it promises to be a sublime experience.

With our hearts wide open and our souls nurtured we travel to the stunning Masai Mara. Whilst we sit on the edge of the season, we should still witness the beginning of the Great Wildebeest Migration, known as one of the “Seven New Wonders of the World” or ‘The World Cup of Wildlife.’

As the dawn breaks and we wake up in our luxury tents, Jackson, our Masai guide will take us on Safari each day exploring the majesty of this great land. Jackson’s brilliant tracking skills will often see us finding game unseen by others, as we witness the start of the immensity of 2 million wildebeest, zebra and other game traveling from the Serengeti National park seeking new grasses and fodder. For the keen photographer Jackson is a skilled photographic Safari Guide.


With our souls ignited and our hearts full, we venture back to Nairobi into the welcoming arms of the Mathaiga Country Club to celebrate the end of your Safari.

Our driver, will deliver you back to the airport or onto your next destination.


From the moment your plane touches the ground until it takes off, all cost are included for the 10 night, 11 day SOUL Family Safari:

  • 1 private pre and post Safari Discovery call
  • 1 Pre and Post SOULpreneur group call
  • 10 nights’ Accommodation sharing with children
  • The SOULpreneur 10 Day Training Program
  • Transfers to and from the airport
  • All food and beverage (exclusive of alcohol),
  • Safari Vehicle, driver and photographic guide
  • Being ME Children's Program and Activities
  • Internal Flight return from the Masai Mara to Nairobi
  • Safari Park Fees
  • Activities to ignite your heart and soul and a few surprises along the way!

Hey there, I’m Michelle, I’m a passionate advocate of Self Love as the accelerator of quantum change. I love the freedom that’s created by quaking your current reality so you see the truth and be who you truly are Exploring the fullness of human potential ignites me, challenging the status quo, asking deeper questions that allow the truth to shine and your soul to flourish.

I don’t profess to have all the answers, I do have the capacity to hold the space in the face of BIG moments of change, in a way that allows you to see yourself and life in new ways and excel. I thrive when working with those who are now committed to the next step in their life journey – nourishing their soul.

Michelle x


The answer is simple – Your heart is saying YES, YES, YES… for reasons beyond your mind! You just ‘know’. No rationale or justification needed. You just ‘know’.

If that’s the case, let’s connect and have an exploratory call and discover what you are saying YES to about YOU and your family the ground that you are here to break (or are breaking).


When your heart is saying YES, YES, YES …let’s connect