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find peace amidst the noise and disruption...

The foundations of business, parliamentary position, media, our institutions and relationships are changing.

Everything we used to ”trust’ in our world is in a state of flux and disruption.

Far more than ever, who we are and what we thought we could rely on is being shaken to the core.

How do you navigate the disruption?

How do you find peace amidst the white noise?

How do you unleash your inner roar in an ever changing world?

Flying Higher is a powerful experiential workshop series in which we build the skills to ‘Lead from the Heart’,  ‘Live Your Purpose, and BE!

Both are pivotal in navigating the fine line between terror and peace, as you and the world changes. 

This is a 2 part workshop series – Come to one or both, and you will never be the same again.

You will unlearn fears, patterns and strategies that no longer serve you, gifting you the tools to live in the present,  ‘BE’, lead from the heart and create magic in your world.

Discover unique and extraordinary things about yourself,  so you can be the biggest, most brilliant expression of YOU!

You know you are ready when:

  • YOU FEEL LOST amidst the white noise.
  • You are tired of reliving the same old CHAOS, DRAMA and STORY.
  • You are TIRED OF THE FACADE and just want to live your truth.
  • Your PASSION AND PURPOSE are illusive.
  • PROCRASTINATION sees you stuck on the same old treadmill
  • The pain of staying where you are is greater than your FEAR OF CHANGE.
  • You are AT A TURNING POINT in your life and you realise something has to change and ‘IT’s ME’?
  • You are SEEKING CHANGE and you don’t know where to turn or who to talk to?
  • You are SUCCESSFUL AND UNFULFILLED, and quietly thinking ‘There must be more to life, I have so much more to give?
  • You find yourself SAYING ’I DON’T KNOW WHO I AM? And quietly wishing you where somebody else.

the answers you're seeking are inside of you!!


Living or leading from the heart is so much more than a concept or premise. It is a way of living that changes absolutely everything about you, your relationships, business and life. 
The human heart generates the strongest magnetic field in the body, nearly 5000 times stronger than that of the brain.
Learning to activate and nourish the strongest field in your body, understanding the language of the heart CHANGES YOUR EXPERIENCE of absolutely everything.
Leading from the heart gifts you with the resources to navigate the white noise and disruption in a way that is true to you, seeing you achieve that which you would love quicker, faster and more effectively.
Who you show up as, and how you show up effects your health, mental clarity, creativity and productivity. Not to mention everyone and everything around you. 
So often, people say ‘I am living from my heart’, but when they check in they find the absence of  Self Acceptance, Love, Compassion and Empathy.
They discover that the true reason they are seeking to live their passion is to gain a sense of happiness, joy or fulfillment that relies on the outcome of someone else’s experience or the accolade, acceptance and love they receive. Making their sense of happiness and fulfillment momentary.

This is an invitation to stop and hit reset, to reconnect with the truth of the ‘why, what and where’ you are creating the foundations of your life from.

  • To create your joy, happiness, passion and purpose from the inside out
  • Deepening your connection to self love, compassion, acceptance and empathy
  • Owning that you are worthy, enough, deserving and valuable
  • Listening with your heart and deepening your connection in relationships
  • Living and Creating from Love not Fear
  • Understanding what distracts you from living your truth
  • Let go of the facade allowing you the freedom to be real
When you truly lead from the heart, the world becomes your playground.
Your challenges become your joy and in every moment freedom is your choice.

Imagine the stories, the pain, the suffering, the internal conflict that would fall away.

Who would you be?

How would your life change?

If you truly want your world and your life to change, it is time to stop imaging and choose to live the unfiltered truth and lead from the heart.

JOIN US and unlock the secret to your full potential, fly higher and be free.

ignite your Purpose. BE!

The purpose of life is to be, and from this place of "being" what you are here to "do" will evolve.

Echart Tolle

There is a miraculous place of presence that is always available to you.

A place where there is no need to be anything other than who you are, knowing on a deeper level you are already complete and whole.

A place that sees you grounded and calm in the midst of a changing world, unleashing your inner roar.

A roar that once unleashed, will never be quietened again.

This workshop is for you if you are ready to:

  • Surrender struggle, and align yourself with the natural flow of life
  • Let go of the weight of expectation
  • Stop living in fear, pain or old stories
  • Welcome a renewed feeling of joy, ease and flow to all that you do by changing "how" you live each moment without changing what you do
  • Accept yourself and how life is in every moment
  • Create simple life actions from a space of love and let go of the need to push and strive
  • Organically attract more of what you would love
  • Connect to your own Truth and Be Strong in your Certainty
  • See New Opportunities and unlock your creative potential
  • Allow for more of the serendiptitous to flow
  • Accomplish more from a space of doing less

Join us and Unleash Your Inner ROAR!

“I honour that deepest truth within me.

Knowing that my worth, my value, my enough, lies right here in who I am.

I AM the power of that truth.”


It's time to fully own your power!

This is a ME FIRST Approach. An invitation to deep dive inside of yourself, and harness your Inner Power to activate and deepen your sense of success, happiness and fulfillment.

Expect the unexpected! 

There are no words to describe what unfolds.

Each journey differs from the rest.

You can expect 

  • To be called to SHOW UP, to play big and play full out.
  • To reconnect to yourself and invoke new knowing.
  • My uncompromising commitment to play full out and hold you in certainty, of everything you are and your potential. Meeting you exactly where you are and, with your permission, I will gently nudge you further to enable your own seeing into greater depths of your expansion.

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Sun 17 March – LIVE YOUR PURPOSE – BE!

Venue: Rear – 747 Darling St, Rozelle (Behind Artereal Gallery)

Time: 9:30 to 4pm

Lunch: There are cafes conveniently located near the venue or bring your lunch to enjoy in the garden.

This is a 2 part ‘Unleash your Inner Roar’ workshop – Come to one or both to accelerate your expansion and creativity.

Join 1 Workshop $89

Join Both Workshops

Gold Coast


Venue: The Calm Studio, Hope Island, Gold Coast. (Address confirmed after booking)

Time: Sunday: 10.00am to 4pm

Lunch: Please bring a light lunch with you.

Join the Workshop $89

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