Flying Higher Retreat

MARCH 31 to April 7 2019 - SOLD OUT





You’re about to embark on an adventure that will change your life from the inside out…

You are invited to the cradle of civilisation, to bathe in the richness of the rainforest and ‘Activate the Ancient Wisdom of your Soul’ with Harold ‘Wawabuja’ Tayley and myself.

Wawabuja, or ‘Mooks’ as he is called by his mates, is from the local Kuku Yalanji tribe. From ages seven to 17, Mooks studied tracking and healing. Now, he humbly imparts his encyclopaedic wisdom and knowledge with us; his methods are secret and sacred to his specific lineage. 

Join us and activate the supernatural forces that allow you to access deeper dimensions through spirits, animals and the elements. 

Heighten your ability to listen to everything, and embrace the interconnectedness between yourself and every living thing.

Align with the higher forces of your soul, nature and the spirit world so you can fly higher and be free.

This is a  Retreat like no other to remember new depths of who you are and be uncompromising to the truth. You will be held to own your authority and support yourself and others who are standing on the edge, to truly fly fee.

You’re invited to share 7 magical days in North Queensland’s ancient rain forest, activating a new reality filled with a wealth of freedom, passion, joy, love and laughter in your life.

Come play in the field of infinite creation and Activate:

  • – The awe and wonder as the IMPOSSIBLE becomes POSSIBLE
  • – The freedom that exists in your RELATIONSHIP with your HIGHER SELF
  • – The beauty of a deepened connection to SOURCE
  • – The exhilaration of accelerating your CREATIVE GENIUS
  • – A curiosity to discover the INFINITE POSSIBILITY of your soul
  • – Fun new levels of EXPANSION and CREATIVITY
  • – The EXCITEMENT of seeing life anew…
Start your Activation NOW!

Say a great big ‘Yes’, and join me in a dream come true.  

Please note that there is a prerequisite to joining the Retreat; book a Cyber Cuppa and a chat and let’s discuss what’s right about this retreat for you.

I’m excited to invite you to disconnect with the world and re-connect with yourself, as we travel this powerful journey.

I am a passionate advocate of SOUL-full expansion as the accelerator of quantum change.

I love the freedom that’s created by quaking your current reality so you see the truth and be who you truly are.

Exploring the fullness of human potential ignites me, challenging the status quo, asking deeper questions that allow the truth to shine and your soul to flourish.

I don’t profess to have all the answers, I do have the capacity to hold the space in the face of BIG moments of change, in a way that allows you to see yourself and life in new ways and excel.

Please join me in this next BIG acceleration.

Much love

Michelle x


How often do you have the opportunity to immerse, one on one, with facilitators totally committed to supporting you to lead a phenomenal life, filled with richness, love and joy.

Opening doors to a world not often seen, taking you on a journey that will ignite a level of vibration that will lift you to new heights, allowing you to fly beyond the world you have always known, to live in a world of infinite possibility.


The ‘force of nature’ that is present in the magical Queensland Rainforest will move you beyond the parameters of your current creative capacity into the omnipotent wisdom of your soul.

This is an environment that simply cannot be replicated in the regularity of your life at home. You will explore this stunning experiential learning location, which is chosen to incite new ‘seeing’, to activate new vision and new creations and to allow you to experience new depths of freedom, joy and self love.


Expect the unexpected! There are no words to describe what happens on Retreat, each journey differs from the rest.

You can expect …

– To be called upon to SHOW UP,  to play big and play full out

– To connect in sacred circles to invoke new knowing, calling in the collective consciousness of the new age. An age that is birthing beyond anything previously known to mankind…

– To ignite the flame of infinite creation with your heart and mind

– To actively learn the art of pre-sence 

– To activate your pre-sensory awareness, to see beyond the ordinary into the extraordinary

– To learn to create from infinite possibility, the wealth of your soul

– To discover the you, you’ve always known you could be

– My uncompromising commitment to play full out and hold you in certainty of everything you are and your potential. Meeting you exactly where you are and, with your permission, I will gently nudge you further to enable your own seeing into greater depths of your expansion

Reflections on our last Retreat


The Sanctuary is a stunningly unique 50 acres of lush, private tropical rainforest, the home to ‘The Sanctuary’ eco-lodge and retreat in Mission Beach, North Queensland, Australia, half way between Townsville and Cairns.

The secluded rainforest cabins and huts provide a sanctuary for your heart and soul. Nurturing you so you can come home to yourself, amidst amazing views and unspoiled paradise, as you nourish all aspects of your being with delicious cuisine, a swimming pool in the natural rainforest, a private secluded beach, birds and wildlife that will delight your soul and awaken your spirit.


Two unique and contrasting styles of accommodation are offered at The Sanctuary to suit all tastes and budgets.

Shared rooms are minimal, so it’s first in, first served.

Capturing the cool, green light of the rainforest, accommodation is in secluded forest huts nestled in the rainforest canopy. A minimalist design maximises the sights, sounds and smells of the rainforest, while protecting your personal space from those creatures you may prefer not to sleep with.

The gentle trilling from an orchestra of insects interspersed with the croaking of frogs and the occasional haunting cries of owls is a soothing and entirely natural symphony to fall asleep to.

In keeping with the Sanctuary’s low-impact philosophy, buildings are designed and constructed to ensure that the vegetation and bird life is disturbed as little as possible.

Additionally, to minimise ongoing greenhouse gas emissions, the natural cooling effect of the rainforest has been incorporated into the designs so that air-conditioning is not required and more than adequate cooling is produced from cross ventilation and ceiling fans. 


The most economical is the standard Rainforest Hut.
Accessed by a boardwalk to protect the forest floor, the rainforest huts have no solid walls, instead the timber structure is screened on all four sides with weather proof curtains that can be drawn for privacy and protection from inclement weather. Each hut has a small verandah, simple furnishings and sleeps two in either double or twin occupancy. Bathrooms for this style of accommodation are in the main building with cold showers that offer a refreshing reprieve from the tropical heat .

Shared Amentities

1A. Single AU $3,190
1B. Twin Share AU $2,772

Alfresco Ensuite

2A. Single AU $3,350

2B. Twin Share AU $3,025


For those few extra comforts Deluxe Accommodation is offered, featuring solid wood construction, with ample, screened glass windows, the canopy cabins offer maximum protection from the elements, while also offering a close connection to the sights and sounds of the forest. Larger than the Rainforest Huts, these cabins are stylishly appointed with polished wooden floors, handmade natural timber furniture and spectacular glass-walled bathrooms that look out high into the treetops. With a studio-style lounge and bedroom and a private, furnished verandah, the canopy cabins offer superior accommodation in an entirely natural environment.

3A. Single AU $3,795
3B. Twin Share AU $3,333


Allow nature’s calm carry you home to yourself, as the sounds of the forest soothe and awaken a deep remembering with the ultimate in bodily pampering, leaving you floating and totally relaxed.


Under the canopy of the forest, it can feel as if time stands still. Weaving through the rainforest, we will enjoy walking meditations along a variety of beautiful walking tracks that allow for easy exploration of the varied flora and fauna in the 50 acres of the nature refuge that is The Sanctuary.

Just metres from The Sanctuary, beautiful Brooks Beach contrasts the shady forest with golden sands and turquoise waters. 

Along a short headland trail to the south can be found Bingil Bay and the many palm-fringed beaches making up the 25-kilometre stretch that is Mission Beach.


As fans lazily shift the balmy air, you can relax on the balcony situated perfectly to watch a sunrise heralded by a dawn chorus or take in the splendour of a full moon that  seems to magically rise from the sea at sunset. Specialising in locally grown fresh foods and excellent juices to satisfy your desires, Sanctuary cuisine caters to all taste buds, carnivores and vegetarians alike. 

With the juice bar, fresh muffins and snacks available in addition to Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner, the relaxed atmosphere and home-made, delicious flavours can be enjoyed all day…


Meditate and move to the natural rhythm of the forest. Daily Meditations, Light Language Activations, Yoga and Movement classes are designed to meet you where you are at. From beginners to advanced students, you have the perfect opportunity to improve your body and mind’s strength and flexibility in the ideal environment.


Relax, rest and nourish your senses in one of the many stunning spots around Sanctuary.

Indulge in a fresh juice on the verandah, a book in the lounges or hammocks, a board game in the longhouse or a refreshing dip in the pool. With both sun and shade provided all day, the pool garden can capture your attention for hours.


Bring your swimmers and your walking shoes and let nature nourish your soul and carry you home to yourself!

Fitness Level

There is a ten-minute walk to the main facility and between the cabins, so your fitness levels need to be adequate to move yourself around.


The service is warm, friendly and informal. There are no porters to carry your luggage to the cabins, so pack lightly and bring luggage that is easy for you to carry through the beautiful rainforest gardens.

Airport Transfers

You will be greeted at Cairns Airport and delivered to your destination. Transfers are included from Cairns Airport.

Scheduled flight times need to be arriving in Cairns before 1.30pm on arrival and departing flights need to be booked after 2pm for us to organise the shuttle times efficiently for you.

Flights outside of the departure time of the group shuttle can be organised at your own expense.

During the retreat, courtesy bus trips are provided into Mission Beach for those who want to get supplies, if needed.



Many things you took for unchangeable will have changed.

Your mind will have shifted discovering the person that was longing to come out.

You will have dissolved all that no longer serves you into the rainforrest light, and have taken the time to become friends with the NEW YOU!

What others have said..


From the moment your plane touches the ground until it takes off, all costs are included for the 7 night Flying Higher Retreat:

  • 1 one on one pre & post Retreat Discovery call
  • 1 Pre and Post Activation Retreat group call
  • 7 nights Accommodation
  • The Flying Higher 7 Day Training Program
  • Transformational Meditation
  • Yoga and movement classes
  • Nurturing Massage
  • Bush walking
  • Transfers to and from the airport
  • Food and beverage to nourish your heart and soul (this is a no alcohol retreat)
  • Activities to ignite your heart and soul
  • And a few surprises along the way!
Spaces Available for 2nd Retreat

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If your heart is saying YES, YES, YES …

Let’s connect

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