Living from the Heart of Your Soul

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By Michelle

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Without your heart, there is no life.
Without your heart, there is no breathe.
Without your heart, there is no YOU.

The power of all of creation lives within you.

Within the heart of your soul.

This 8-week incubator is an invitation to move from chaos, fear, and pain to ever-expanding freedom.

To surrender and heal the 3D heart that has experienced pain and suffering and move into the heart of your soul.

The essence of which exudes the wisdom, freedom, joy and bliss that is the true you, untainted by your human experience.

The heart of your soul connects you to your innate wisdom, seeing you expand beyond a life dictated by your mind.

Freeing you from limitation and fear, opening you up to even more infinite possibility and creation.

Allowing you to magnetically attract your next best steps, which exist beyond the veil.

Imagine there are 2 worlds.

One world carries the experiences and burdens of your life.

The other world is infinite joy, freedom and creation.

The Incubator transports you from one world to another.

Opening the gateway to infinite possibility and all of creation.

Beyond the gateway, the veil, freedom exists.

Your ability to tap into your soul’s vibe is illuminated.

Your connection to the heart of your soul sees you radiating, spontaneously dissolving the gap between your current reality and your soul’s desire.

That which no longer serves you will be revealed and fall away.

It’s freeing, its joyful, its insightful.

8 weeks incubating conscious conversation and exploration.

Expect the unexpected and fly higher.

Your journey begins the moment you say yes!

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