Unleash The Inexorable Power of Your Heart

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By Michelle

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Many years ago, I asked Sai Maa, the most life changing teacher I’ve studied with, how to stop taking the zig zagging path through life. The path that seemed to be filled with bumps and bruises and take the lighter, more direct route that would see me fly higher.

She responded ‘When you have a thought, if you can be in your heart with it, you know it’s the right next step for you. If you can’t be in your heart with it then it’s not right for you today. It doesn’t mean it won’t be right next week, next month or next year, it just not right for you in that moment.

It’s a simple and powerful technique, that has seen my heart guide me to places I never would have imagined in life, and seen me say no to things I thought were perfectly perfect and then realised later why my heart said no, even though I couldn’t intellectually see it at the time.

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