Camel Trek Safari

Live in the eternity of now. It is magic, it is divine!

Imagine the thrill of falling asleep under the vast bowl of a silent universe, as you gaze up at a billion stars shining as bright as diamonds. Hear the crack of a twig under an elephant’s foot; or feel the distant roar of a lion — these are the elements that make this Safari unforgettable.

Each day you’ll wake to a new dawn, in awe and wonder of who you are, having cocooned your body in the arms of the earth, the heart of Africa as you are transported on a journey to your SOUL.


This is a time like no other in known history, where we are being called upon to expand beyond the linear paradigms we have been living in, to shed our limitations of the past, and become leaders in consciousness in our lives and our world.

Gift yourself this rare opportunity to open gateways to different dimensions of who you are. Accelerate your expansion and creative edge, as we travel on a journey diving deep into yourself, exploring creative acceleration through the mountains that connect heaven and earth on the raw, untethered soil that Africa breathes from.

How often do you have the opportunity to spend 14 days, one-on-one, with a coach totally committed to supporting you to lead a phenomenal life filled with richness, love and joy?

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The ‘un-spoilt force of nature’ that is present in the raw wilderness that is Kenya will move you beyond the parameters of your current reality into the omnipotent wisdom of your soul. This is an environment that simply cannot be replicated in the regularity of your life at home.


Each day, we will trek through mountainous terrain, vast desert lands and sandy luggas; each individually inviting you to discover aspects of yourself you didn’t even know existed. This immersive experience will invite you to explore new ‘seeing’ that will inspire fresh vision and new creations, while also allowing you to see yourself in new ways, often for the very first time. Come and thrive with us and our support team in this joy of creation.


Fill your senses, your heart and your soul, leaving your cares and your worries behind you as we take you on a 10-day walking camel safari, each step taken in the eternality of now. This journey will break you open in the fiercely beautiful and still unspoilt country of Samburu and the nomadic Rendille people.

Proud, happy, friendly, the Rendille defy the modern world to go about their traditional business and cherish the customs and colourful ceremonies of their ancestors to this day.

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During this very unique private retreat; under the guidance of experienced Camel Safari Leaders, Michelle invites you to immerse yourself in the sublime beauty of this extraordinary land.

She will show you how to reconnect with your truest nature, opening you up to the possibility of new dimensions of what true fulfilment and happiness mean!


Your journey will be as exceptional as the destination, as we fly to the scenic Matthews and Ndoto Mountain Ranges of northern Kenya. Rising dramatically to nearly 9,000 feet, these mountains are capped in cool highland forest and drained by crystal-clear streams that end up in huge luggas. Every nomad and wild animal for hundreds of miles knows they will find water under the brown sand of the famous Milgis and Seiya luggas, no matter how dry the season.

The Itinerary

Step into history as you chink your champagne flute to celebrate your first evening at the infamous Muthaiga Country Club (featured in the film Out of Africa), as the past envelops you and you embrace an era of days gone past as you wait to meet your fellow travellers.

Awaken to a new dawn ready to fly to the Milgis Ranges, where you’ll sleep on top of a mountain, under the stars during a spectacular full moon. It’s simply breathtaking!


Each day camels carry camping gear and supplies, enabling us to travel in style in this rugged and relatively unexplored country. These are walking safaris but one or two riding camels are always available, terrain permitting. Porters are called in when one of the striking peaks is our destination and it is too steep and cold for the ‘ships of the desert’.


This four-day stretch is full of surprises and unique experiences that are designed to nurture your soul and feed your heart; it promises to be a sublime experience.

With our hearts wide open and our souls nurtured, we travel to the stunning Masai Mara.


Meanwhile, the camp is packed up and loaded on to the camels. They soon catch up with us and we continue walking with the whole camel train, generally finding a place to camp after midday.

The camels are then relieved of their burdens and set free to browse for the rest of the day.

After a good lunch, and a siesta often lulled by the clunk of the wooden camel bells, we share our reflections as each day becomes a stepping stone to discovering your untapped potential.

When the heat of the day subsides, the sleeping arrangements are made, consisting of comfortable mosquito-proof beds in tents or under the stars. The cool of the evening is perfect for a night time stroll or climbing a rocky outcrop to admire the views and absorb the total tranquillity of the bush at dusk. On return to camp, hot showers are available and the camels are settled for the night as we sit around the fire with our evening drinks, waiting serenely for dinner to be served by candlelight.



From the moment your plane touches the ground until it takes off for home, all cost are included for the 14-night Camel Trek Intensive:

  • 10 nights’ camping under the stars
  • 2 nights’ accommodation at the Muthaiga Country Club
  • Internal flights return to Samburu
  • Nourishing food to warm your heart and feed your soul
  • Cosmo placing a refreshing beer in your hand after a long walk
  • 40 camels accompanying you across the mountains and desert
  • 28 Samburu Warriors looking after your every need
  • Guides, story telling and an insight into the history of this amazing land
  • 1 pre and post Safari group call
  • Transfers to and from the International Airport
  • Transfers return from the Airport to Mathaiga
  • Staff tips