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Be the miracle you've been waiting for!






I’m excited to invite you to our melting pot of wisdom, love, sharing, stories and skills to actualise more of what you would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE in your life.

It’s a ME FIRST approach, a story thats starting point is all about you learning to be selfish, so you can be self-less. 

I know that may be a bit of a mind shift, but that’s how we play, as that’s what it takes to become the miracle in your own life, for you to become the biggest, most brilliant expression of you.

People don’t do what you say, they do what you do, so if you are ready to power up and create more miracles in your life, then it’s time to show up for you.

Small steps taken often lead to sustainable change.

Over 12 weeks, we will connect with the 12 dimensions of who you are and how your energy centres relate to who you are.

We will actualise powerful connection between your heart and mind, your intellect and intuition.

We will learn that to truly ascend we must transcend…

The private Activation Facebook Hub is a place you can ask questions, tell me what you would love to know more of, share what’s keeping you stuck or bemused, so we can walk together and create sustainable results.

Together we will:


  • Connect with the  12 dimensions of who you are.
  • Learn to live from love, not fear.
  • Connect your heart and mind, so you can lead from love.
  • Actualise Inexorable Love-based Leadership.

Together we will explore meditation, presence and all the things that support you to proactively shift yourself and your life from one state to another so you can experience more laughter, freedom and joy in life.

Life is so rich and beautiful, and equally busy, busy, busy with to-do lists and schedules. 

While there are a million books, workshops, podcasts and videos about Mindfulness, Meditation, Living in Presence and living a great big wham bam fabulous life, when the fullness of life takes over, all those things you read about and learned about, can go sliding right out the door. Before you know it, another day, week, month, year has slipped by and the things that nourish you and fill you up stay somewhere near the bottom of your growing to-do list.

If you are truly ready to fly higher and commit to ‘being the miracle’ in your own life, with love, support, accountability and a community of like minds, then jump in and join the Master Class, I promise you will love it.


Any of these feelings resonate …

  • You know you have so much more to give, but don't know which way to turn or where to start.
  • You are successful, but feel empty and unfulfilled.
  • You are so busy taking care of everybody else, you don't know how to ask, or do what's right for you.
  • You experience a sense of separation and disconnection and are plagued by a sense of 'I'm not enough, I don't truly fit in, I don't know where to find my people'.
  • You numb down richer feelings of joy, happiness and fulfilment, leaving you with feelings of confusion, emptiness, anxiety or depression.
  • You are constantly trying to prove your worth, your value, to show that you are enough, while repelling the very connection you are yearning for.

THE ACTIVATION MASTER CLASS is the essential ingredient to radically change your life. Gifting you with the ability to see yourself as whole, and the knowing that you are worthy enough, deserving and valuable.

Here is what you will receive

  • Weekly we will connect for an 'ACTIVATION' Group Mentoring Call where we will discuss, experience and explore the what, where, how and why, ME FIRST is the essential ingredient to changing your life. Each Mentoring Call is specifically designed to meet your needs, giving you a toolbox of techniques to make it real!
  • Every month you will receive a 10-minute activation meditation in your inbox to support you to elevate, expand and create more magic in your life. The side effects may even see you smiling and laughing more.
  • 30 minute Personalised Skype Session with Michelle to Uncover your Truth. Discover precisely where your disconnection lies and, most importantly, learn what you can do to accelerate your fulfilment.
  • Stay connected via The Private Facebook Hub where we encourage questions, sharing and insights and, of course, breakthroughs. This hub is our very own ME FIRST support centre.
  • Tools and techniques to deepen your connection and relationship with your higher intelligence, developing your intuition and trusting more in yourself.
  • Focus is empty without ACTION create 3 Activation Action Points in each Master Class.
  • Full access to the Membership Area where you will find all of Michelle's meditations, training videos, tools and techniques.
  • First dibs for upcoming events and retreats.

for $89.00 per month

Your Journey Begins When You Say Yes!

lead the way …

the first 30 people who join the activators master class

will receive a 30-Minute One-on-One KICK START Session with Michelle!

Here is what we jump in & explore

  • Ignite a ME FIRST approach and make your wildly passionate, love filled life real!
  • Accelerating your BIG WHY? What's the truth: 'Why are you really here?'
  • Knowledge is power, so 'What's your disconnect with yourself costing you?' This is where 'shitake' gets real, people.
  • WHO AM I? We jump in the deep end of the pool; there's a whole lot more joy, freedom and awesomeness available to you.
  • O.M.G. 'I AM LOVE' Yep it's true, time to put your big peeps pants on, own it and get real — because there's an unstoppable force inside you.
  • Love Intelligence & your MIND Master your mind and Lead from love not fear, and watch your dreams happen bigger, faster and more effortlessly.
  • Sky rocketing Compassion Seriously, it starts with YOU being courageously compassionate with yourself.
  • ME + YOU Ignite Love Intelligence in relationships... there is no hiding. Yep, we are really going to go there...
  • Connection, connection, connection Experience facets of yourself you didn't even know existed when you connect the powerful forces of your heart and mind to work as one.


  • A willingness to surrender and let go of who you think you should be, in order to be who you really are - a great big bucket brimming with passionate, joy filled love.
  • A strive to thrive, self-motivated, I’m stepping up and playing full on and full out attitude.
  • A renewed dash of courage: Did you know that ‘cour' in Latin means 'heart'? In fact, the original meaning is: ‘To wholeheartedly tell the true story of who you are’. We'll also explore the importance of having the courage to be imperfect.
  • A whole lot of self-compassion: it's all about having the compassion to be kind to yourself.


  • Purchase an Inspirational journal and pen or coloured pens
  • Structure Creates Success to prepare, allocate time every day (preferably at the same time every day) to listen to your weekly Activation Meditation
  • New to meditation? Check out the Simplify Meditation Guide
  • Join The Activation Hub Facebook Group and stay connected; here you can ask any burning questions or private message me.
  • Lock the online calls into your diary for the second and last Thursday of the month

If you hear your heart saying yes, yes, yes this is how it rolls…

When you make the first monthly subscription payment of $89.00, you will receive your welcome email pack, including access details to our Facebook community. You can unsubscribe at any time if you are not feeling the love.

You never know just what will present, when you show up in the Master Class but one thing is for sure — results happen quicker, faster, as well as more effectively and powerfully.

If you hear your heart saying yes, yes, yes for reasons beyond your mind, then you know this is for you.

Welcome to the ACTIVATION MASTER CLASS, where the invisible script is revealed.  I invite you to jump in, connect and let the fun begin…